Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Your Opinion or Silence Preferred

I love my hairdresser, I really do, but sometimes I dread going there.


Because I know the ninety minutes or so I'm going to spend there will be full of my own and only my own opinion.
My hairdresser loves to chat. Actually I'm not sure if she loves to chat, or if she simply feels it's her duty to do so... So no matter what I say in response to whatever subject comes up, she always agrees with me.

One time it was almost comical the backstep she took when she had misinterpreted something I said, and was going along with the opposite opinion until she realised that wasn't the side I was on...

The hairdresser I had when the kids were babies was definitely the best I've ever had. I miss him! He was quick, thorough, did exa
ctly what I wanted, was very affordable and didn't talk! PERFECT!

This current one is good but definitely below the very high bar my perfect hairdresser set.
She's quickish.. thorough, does exactly what I want her to do. Is reasonably priced but feels it's her duty to chat. I sometimes feel like telling her "Look, you really don't have to talk to me. I'm pefectly fine to sit here and flip through this mindless magazine while you work your expertise" but how can you say that in a nice way?

So as I'm only there once every two months or
so, I let her do her job knowing that it's a small price to pay for good re-colour!

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Anonymous said...

LOL Margot, I will admit that the best thing about going to the hairdresser here is that they don't bother trying to talk to me as we don't understand each other...its wonderful :)