Thursday, March 25, 2010

You're not fooling anyone!

Funny little thing happened this morning.

I was at the train station waiting for my morning train with my nose stuck into my addoku puzzle book when I heard a very animated female voice"Hello David!" she said and immediately followed it with "oh, you're not David! I'm so sorry, you look just like him!"

She went on and on in this vein for quite some time. Her sentences and pauses were flourished by flirtatious giggles and there was lots of "hand running through the hair" gestures!

The poor guy was just flummoxed!

It was obvious to me that she just wanted to talk to him as she kept trying to broach new subjects from that one encounter. He wasn't interested, and tried to be obvious about it by keeping his eyes on his book and only gave one word answers to her questions/queries and comments!

It was the funniest thing to witness!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Kitchen Rules - At least on TV is does...

Hubby and I have been watching My Kitchen Rules.
I really liked the show initially but there's so many things they need to change if series two is to grab my attention!

But that aside, watching the couples make the food always amazes me.

In fact Reality TV in general is just so staged!!

Please don't tell me that those couples cooking REALLY finish plating up just as the clock ticks down to zero? They show them still putting different foods on the plates with less than a minute to go. I refuse to believe that!!!

If that was true that they time it to such nail biting precision, you would think that occassionaly they would go even just a little over, and not finish plating up the food on all the dishes... but it's with perfect precision.

And don't you hate the stilted talking? We all know it's supposed to be for dramatic effect but it just makes the person talking look a little intellectually challenged. They must cringe when they watch the episodes!!

It's like when they announce the winner, or a person that's been eliminated... Something that takes a few seconds to say can be dragged out into a few minutes! Longer still if commercials are involved.

But going back to the My Kitchen Rules show, I think it's gotten a bit ridiculous how arty the plates have to look. It's not about the food anymore! If I want to see art work, I'll go to an art gallery! Food is going to taste good regardless of how many carefully placed sauce spots there are on the plate.

Now I do realise the value of having food look good on the plate, but I just think they go overboard and after a while, each dish just looks like another stacked food item, sauced plate dish.

And please, those servings???? They're barely a mouthful sometimes! God help you if you actually have an appetite!

On one of the rounds, the couple cooking made a ravioli for an entree, but messed something up so instead of getting two or three ravioli per dish, they each got one.

Yes you read that right, ONE!!!!!

That's pretty funny isn't it?

So it's arty to place a small amount of food on a place in a stylish way? How about a few rice grains arranged in a pretty way? Could that do it? Only if they named it something exotic I guess... then they'd have a winner!

But still, I'm watching so they're doing something right!

And with the final coming up on Monday, I'm already looking forward to the next series!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Would you like some hardened arteries?

I love how at my place of work, the company tries to keep its employees happy but doing little things for them.
For instance, we've really been under the pump with calls and staffing issues lately, so we've all been working extra hard...
Management have been giving us little gifts...
Things like 'donut days' and "morning teas."

The thought is nice...But I thought an extreme was reached today when the supervisors started coming around with little takeaway boxes.
I started wondering what could be in there... six donuts?? The box looked quite big!
Was it some sort of company trinket?

Slowly a smell starting wafting through the office and before I was offered my own box, I knew it was something greasy and artery hardening. When the box was offered to me, I politely shook my head. No thanks! And spent the next hour trying not to puke from the gross smell of chicken and chips.

While I appreciate the gesture, couldn’t there have been a healthy option offered as well? Couldn't they have had subway make up some rolls or something?? At least it would be something that wouldn't stink up the office!

It's so gross...

And I still have five hours to go...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh yes I really did....

The other night I was sitting on the couch in front of the TV with hubby. My mind was wandering as some mindless TV show was on, and I was thinking about how nice it would be to take a nice long bath after my run in the morning.

By the time tomorrow morning came, I would have run 66kms over the last five consecutive days and I thought it would be a nice gift for my muscles.

Often the thought of a bath is better than the actual event so I knew I'd have to entertain myself. I thought of the books/magazines/music I'd have with me to keep me entertained...
And then a thought came to me.... could I be electrocuted if I listened to my mp3 while in the bath?

And I'm sorry to say, I was seriously thinking it.... And even worse, I turned to hubby to ask if I could electrocute myself if my earbud, or mp3 fell into the water while I was taking a bath.

He had an incredulous look on his face (he wasn't sure if I was trying to be funny) and then said "from a battery?????"
Oh yeah....
"The only thing that's going to happen is that you'd ruin your earphones or mp3!!!!"

Now why does it all seem so clear after the stupid question has been asked?
No, don't answer that!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Blog When You're Not Blogging...

Well it's been a while since my last blog and it's not that I haven't had anything to write about, it's just that I haven't been at my computer when the thought comes to me.

I've been busy, busy, busy!

So in a nutshell...
Potential blog posts I could have made over last few weeks include....

1. If children were born as teenagers, the human race would have surely become extinct.Not that I'm complaining about Miss 15 and Master 14 but some days....

2. Have been doing lots of running but have written about that in my blog dedicated to running.
Special thanks to the house Adonis who faithfully cycled behind me, giving me water as I needed it, during my recent long run of 26.5kms. He then cycled back to my car and drove it back to where I was waiting.
And as my mother said... yes, he really does love mexxx

3. Have been speaking to too many stupid customers. I'm convinced it's only stupid people who call in with account enquiries. And here's a tip, if you're next account is $3.30 more than the last one, it doesn't mean your utility retailer is trying to rip you off. There is no rule that says each account has to be the exact value, or less, than the one proceeding it.

4. My family love my low fat cheesecake. I made 2.5 times the recipe amounts and it was gone within 24 hours. Who ate the bulk of it? Well, I'm sure you can guess!

5. Speaking of food and portion sizes, perhaps if I hadn't grown up in an Italian family where it was a sin for anyone to leave the table without being stuffed to the brim, that I can't ever get a "normal" portion size. I always cook for the football team but they don't show up, so my family polish it off instead...

6. Getting excited and nervous about our trip overseas which is coming up faster and faster...

7. Nothing like sitting down after a busy day, relaxing in front of the television with some of my favourite shows...
Shows I'm enjoying at the moment include, "My Kitchen Rules", "Lost", "Grey's Anatomy" (despite the actors in it), "House" and "24". Probably more but can't think of them right now.

I'm sure there was more that I wanted to write about but that will do it for now!