Thursday, October 28, 2010

One size fits all?

In my last blog I mentioned girls being excited about fitting into clothes that although were their size, were tagged with a lower number.
It got me thinking about sizes and numbers and how ridiculous it all is anyhow.

Take the "one size fits all" label....
I don't think so.
At the very least, that "one size fits all" garment is going to look a hell of a lot different depending on the body it's adorning.

I once saw an article in a woman's mag that showed five different sized women.
Not only did they have different body types, but they were all different heights as well.

They had these women put on the same size12 garment. This size was used as it was supposed to be an average woman's size and they wanted to show how different that "average" could look. For the record, our size 12 is an American size 8.

Although the tall girl was thin, it looked really tight and silly on her. If you had seen her in the street however, you'd think she was thinner than average however her natural size was probably a 14 - 16.
On another girl, the top fit nice but she was actually quite pudgy and if you saw her in the street, you'd think she was overweight. Her natural body size was probably and 8-10.

Every girl wore the size 12 garment differently and if you didn't know, wouldn't have been able to pick they were all the same size.

My point is, anyone who wants to go around saying they're a size this or that can't realize that it means nothing!!!
What counts is the clothes you choose for your body type... Even if you have to go up or down a number to get a flattering look.

And whatever you do don't get caught up with numbers. They mean nothing.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fooling Ourselves

We love to fool ourselves don't we?
What do I mean?
Well take today for example, I was in the upstairs bathroom because the bathroom on my floor was being cleaned.
As I walked out of the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and remembered how much I like using this upstairs bathroom because the mirror makes me look thinner!!
Now obviously, I'm not actually thinner, but it still makes me feel better than when I look in the mirror of the regular bathroom!
In another instance, I heard a radio talk show where the hosts had a "bra whisperer" on. Sounds strange but in reality all she did was fit women correctly as apparently, most of us don't know how to shop for bras and are usually wearing the wrong size.
They had a whole lot of women brought in and fit them on the show.They asked the women what size they normally wore and they were all surprised when they found out from the "bra whisperer" that they were actually a bigger size than they first thought.
I listened to their exclamations with wonder. Did they think that just because the bra whisperer had given them a different number, that their boobs were an actual different size??? Nothing had changed! What was there to get so excited about?
About 15 years ago I went to one of those party plan parties. The saleslady was selling a line of clothing. She had quite a few samples there and at the end of the presentation, we were able to try some of them on to decide whether we would buy them or not.
Turns out, the sizing was VERY generous... If you were a size 12, you'd be an 8-10 in this clothing line...
Flattery will get you everywhere!!!
The women bought up big and I was left dumbfounded.Did they think they actually looked different??
Just because the tag says a smaller number, doesn't mean anything's changed!
Sometimes our illusions and delusions are harmless, other times they can have dire consequences.
Luckily, for most of us, they fall into the harmless category and hey, if it makes you feel good, who am I to pull the wool out of your eyes!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Clever Advertising

Look at these two logos.
What do you notice??

When I used to go the the gym, it would frustrate me to see women lifting a few weights, then talk about how they were going to have a cake and coffee because they
"deserved" it.

Then they'd moan about how long they'd been going to the gym but had never lost any weight...

I easily fall into the same mindset... "I've run 70kms this week, I think I can have a splurge or two..."
This thought creeps into my mind, uninvited and unless I snap myself out of it's hypnotic, pleasurable tones, I will find myself falling for it, even though I know better!

But the other day while I was enjoying some TV time, an ad for the woman's only gym "Curves" came on and I thought, "isn't that logo just like the Cadbury one? Surely that's not an accident!'

Nothing in advertising is an accident.

What those clever Curves people have done, is told ladies that you can "work out" in a gentle, non aerobic way, then go ahead and eat your Cadbury chocolate because it's all part of the Curves experience.


But we all love to be treated and there will always be an abundance of people who love chocolate!
I guess I have to commend them for good advertising

Friday, October 22, 2010

When almost perfect is almost as good....

Ok ladies, tell me if you've had this experience.

You've known for some time that you really need a new pair of black sandals. You've looked for a while but never saw any that fit the specifications you were after.
Finally, you decide you can't wait a moment longer and off you go to the shops...

The first shop you go into, yields the perfect shoe. You can hardly belive it!!
It's the exactly colour you want, style you want, heel you want and even in the price range you were hoping for...
More amazing still, they actually have your size! (which is a factor in my case!)
You put the sandals on and they feel divine!
"Yes" you reason to yourself, "I could walk around in these for hours. They are so comfortable!"
Unfortunately, things that seem too good to be true, generally are...

I took the shoes home and wore them immediately. It didn't take long for me to realise that these sandals were going to leave me with two nice red blisters at the back of my feet!
Of course I was in complete denial and continued wearing them...

The next day when it was time to get dressed, I looked longingly at my sandals but knew I couldn't wear them... not even with double bandaids at the back of my feet.

The following day I tried them on but again and the blistered area was still too sore however, I realised I could just drop the back strap from behind my feet to underneath my feet and wear them under pants without anyone realising!


So until my feet heel and I ease them back into a relationship with these sandals, I'll be wearing them with the back strap down!

Maybe they weren't perfect but they were pretty damn close!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

They say....

They have a lot to answer for.
Don't you think?

Who am I talking about?

Well you know! THEY!!!

They come up in just about every conversation you have! "They say" this and "They say" that.

Most times, "they" are not defined yet we listen and take what they've said as if it were a universal truth.

So, again I say, they have a lot to answer for!

What are their credentials? Where is their scientific research to back up their claims? On what facts are their statements based? What fad or cultural event is driving their claims?

How many times have you been in conversation with someone, and hear the words "well they say..." and without questioning the person your speaking to about who they actually are, just accept what's being said!
We all have been guilty of it.

Whether we're talking diet, fitness, psychology, social events or whatever topic you're conversing about, they will have a fact! A fact that the person you're speaking to will convey with great confidence.

No more! I will trust my instinct and "they" can listen to me for a change!

Unless of course, they show me their researched facts about the topic they're speaking on,

Then I'll humbly consider the evidence as deserved.
That's what I say!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I've got a blog?

Ok so this blog has been dormant a while and while I have plenty of things to write about, I just can't think of them when I sit down to write! I should get back into the habit of writing them down as they happen...

For example, if you've seen my facebook status, you'll know that yesterday I finally got fed up with having no fringe (bangs for you Americans!) and decided to snip a little here and there to create one.
The benefit of having curly hair is that you can't really mess it up too much!

But while I was doing it, my son came in, gave one look at me with my scissors and hair in hand and he said "This can't end good" and walked out.
It was hilarious at the time but you probably had to be there...

Today I've spent a good portion finding old Italian songs on you tube. When I say old, I mean from the 70's and late 80's.

I went to Italy with my mum in 1989 as a young girl (young is relative so leave me alone...) and as a lot of my relatives were younger, the artists they were familiar with were older, hence the 70's portion of my nostalgic listening today... Then I discovered Zucchero and instantly fell in love with the raw rock sound, and the delicate ballads... Magic!
So I've been revisiting the songs.

Deno's out riding and Sarah's on the computer next to me while I'm singing at the top of my lungs. She hasn't complained because she's just happy I'm allowing her to go on facebook!

Having said that, there is a time and place for nostalgia and I think I've had enough now. Besides, my throat is getting a little raw!

I've been getting my singing bug back and have started recording a few little tracks.

The next song I want to cover is "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton. I'm doing the music portion of it now. Don't know how I'm going to go singing it as I always think of my dad as I'm doing it... It's such a beautiful song with such beautiful harmonies.
Can't wait to start putting it together!