Thursday, October 28, 2010

One size fits all?

In my last blog I mentioned girls being excited about fitting into clothes that although were their size, were tagged with a lower number.
It got me thinking about sizes and numbers and how ridiculous it all is anyhow.

Take the "one size fits all" label....
I don't think so.
At the very least, that "one size fits all" garment is going to look a hell of a lot different depending on the body it's adorning.

I once saw an article in a woman's mag that showed five different sized women.
Not only did they have different body types, but they were all different heights as well.

They had these women put on the same size12 garment. This size was used as it was supposed to be an average woman's size and they wanted to show how different that "average" could look. For the record, our size 12 is an American size 8.

Although the tall girl was thin, it looked really tight and silly on her. If you had seen her in the street however, you'd think she was thinner than average however her natural size was probably a 14 - 16.
On another girl, the top fit nice but she was actually quite pudgy and if you saw her in the street, you'd think she was overweight. Her natural body size was probably and 8-10.

Every girl wore the size 12 garment differently and if you didn't know, wouldn't have been able to pick they were all the same size.

My point is, anyone who wants to go around saying they're a size this or that can't realize that it means nothing!!!
What counts is the clothes you choose for your body type... Even if you have to go up or down a number to get a flattering look.

And whatever you do don't get caught up with numbers. They mean nothing.

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DJ said...

"For the record, our size 12 is an American size 8."


And it makes me wonder what else might be different.

Are our C notes your G notes? Do three of our dogs equal two of yours? Was 8 years of Bush an eternity for you?

The mind reels....