Friday, October 22, 2010

When almost perfect is almost as good....

Ok ladies, tell me if you've had this experience.

You've known for some time that you really need a new pair of black sandals. You've looked for a while but never saw any that fit the specifications you were after.
Finally, you decide you can't wait a moment longer and off you go to the shops...

The first shop you go into, yields the perfect shoe. You can hardly belive it!!
It's the exactly colour you want, style you want, heel you want and even in the price range you were hoping for...
More amazing still, they actually have your size! (which is a factor in my case!)
You put the sandals on and they feel divine!
"Yes" you reason to yourself, "I could walk around in these for hours. They are so comfortable!"
Unfortunately, things that seem too good to be true, generally are...

I took the shoes home and wore them immediately. It didn't take long for me to realise that these sandals were going to leave me with two nice red blisters at the back of my feet!
Of course I was in complete denial and continued wearing them...

The next day when it was time to get dressed, I looked longingly at my sandals but knew I couldn't wear them... not even with double bandaids at the back of my feet.

The following day I tried them on but again and the blistered area was still too sore however, I realised I could just drop the back strap from behind my feet to underneath my feet and wear them under pants without anyone realising!


So until my feet heel and I ease them back into a relationship with these sandals, I'll be wearing them with the back strap down!

Maybe they weren't perfect but they were pretty damn close!

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Evil Pixie said...

That sucks, but at least you came up with a creative solution to your problem!