Thursday, October 14, 2010

They say....

They have a lot to answer for.
Don't you think?

Who am I talking about?

Well you know! THEY!!!

They come up in just about every conversation you have! "They say" this and "They say" that.

Most times, "they" are not defined yet we listen and take what they've said as if it were a universal truth.

So, again I say, they have a lot to answer for!

What are their credentials? Where is their scientific research to back up their claims? On what facts are their statements based? What fad or cultural event is driving their claims?

How many times have you been in conversation with someone, and hear the words "well they say..." and without questioning the person your speaking to about who they actually are, just accept what's being said!
We all have been guilty of it.

Whether we're talking diet, fitness, psychology, social events or whatever topic you're conversing about, they will have a fact! A fact that the person you're speaking to will convey with great confidence.

No more! I will trust my instinct and "they" can listen to me for a change!

Unless of course, they show me their researched facts about the topic they're speaking on,

Then I'll humbly consider the evidence as deserved.
That's what I say!

1 comment:

Evil Pixie said...

I do that all the time! Hahaha! However, whenever someone asks me who "they" are, I usually have the answer. Thank goodness! :)