Friday, October 31, 2008

Proving he is human after all...

Yesterday turned out to be quite an eventful day and it had nothing to do with reading and vampires!

Sarah & Josh were home from school due to a teachers strike so when I went on my first break of the day, I called to check everything was ok. They told me that Deno was out bike riding... Knowing that he would worry about them being home alone, I decided to text him to let him know I'd called and they were fine. Immediately he called back.

I didn't know if the phone was cutting out or if he was physically not able to talk. From the garbled mess that was our conversation I learned that he'd had an accident on his bike and was just lying there! Yes I yelled at him for not calling an ambulance. What was he thinking? He said he would have called for a cab to take him home... Yeah not to take him to the hospital or something!!! I heard "might have broken my leg" in there somewhere and he's thinking of taking a cab home??

So I rushed home from work. Unfortunately I was on a train that wasn't express and stopped at every stop. Deno and I were on the phone the whole time. The train ride seemed to be taking much too long. Did time slow down?
Eventually I arrived and took him straight to the doctors where after an excruciatingly long wait, we found out his leg most probably wasn't broken but he had a corked thigh.

The doctor who was assessing him didn't look competent I'm sorry to say. His first language wasn't English and I'm not sure he understood the whole gist of our conversation. I feel like I was being an interpreter between Deno and the doctor! When the x-rays came back, the doctor looked and looked and then said to come back tomorrow after a specialist has looked at them. He couldn't tell if there was a break or not? Hmmmm

Deno says he's not going back. At this point I'm just so relieved that it wasn't worse that I'm not too fussed if he goes back or not.

So last night we had a house full of visitors checking to see that the 6'7'' patient was ok. It was a fun night in the end as we sat around, chatted, laughed and drank a little. Any day I get to bake two batches of muffins, and have them ALL disappear within a matter of ten minutes is a good day!!!!

Now, let’s hope his leg heals enough so he can still cook the barbie on Sunday!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where are the vampires to stop my aging process??

Yes I'm still in reading hibernation….

But I take this quick break to comment on birthdays. It's been brought to my attention again today as two of my colleagues celebrated their birthday's this week. This inevitably leads to talking about aging and how horrible it is to get older etc etc.
While I like myself a lot more at this age, I'd love to be young again. I'd love to have that innocence and enthusiasm. The older you get, the more reality sets in. That's not necessarily a bad thing though.

The thing about aging though, is that it's just not going to get any better than this!!! We're aging constantly… a second older every second in fact! This is the best it's going to be right NOW. So we need to make the most of life right now.

Even though I feel crappy about my age right now, and even though I know I'll never be in my twenties again, I can console myself with the fact that everyone around me is aging too…

Unless we all turn into vampires that is…

Short break is now over! Gotta get back to reading the Twilight series!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Excuse me while I go into reading hibernation

It happened so quickly I barely knew I'd been engulfed until I most happily was.

This week, my daughter Sarah showed me a book she'd been lent by one of her school friends. It was "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer.

The last time I'd seen her this excited about a book was when she first started reading Harry Potter! She told me it was about vampires. I don't know exactly what it was about it that got me interested. I've read the odd vampire story or two but I think it was just the look and feel of this particular book and the way she was so enthused about it, that made me think to myself, "I want to read that too!"

So off I went to the library but wouldn't you know it, not only was every book in the series OUT, they all had at least four reserves on it....I wasn't going to wait at least four months for it...

So as I was walking around the city yesterday during my lunch break, I went into a bookstore that had all the books in the series on sale!!! How lucky was that!So I bought them.

Ok yeah I know it was impulsive but I do impulsive things from time to time. Luckily I tend to space the impulsivity out so I don't get myself into too much trouble....

I took the books back to work and called Sarah to tell her about it. As I mentioned "Stephanie Meyer" on the phone to her, a co worker looked up and said "The Twilight Series"!!!He couldn't believe he was hearing those words at work as his wife is obsessed with it all and he's sick of hearing about it!I felt a little better knowing it wasn't just teenage girls that were obsessed with this series.

So on the way home from work I started reading and wouldn't you know it didn't take long till I was hooked. It's a very easy read with a conversational style that isn't dumbed down, but also doesn't require a lot of intellect.

I'm now halfway through the first book and can't wait till lunch time when I can read some more!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Change rooms and feeling good

There's nothing like a bit of retail therapy to make a woman feel good. It's especially good if she's got a bit of extra money to spare due to a bit of saving...So while I was out at lunch time buying a white shirt for Sarah's school concert, I thought I'd have a little look for myself and found a gorgeous little black and red dress!It's sleevless and close fitting on top, then poofs out from the waist down and is just above knee level. I'm going to wear it tonight.

I did a silly thing in the change room. It's not the first time I've done this too! I tried to find a zip but couldn't see one so proceeded to squeeze the dress over my frame. I held my breath and had a slightly scary moment where the dress felt too tight over my ribs to allow my lungs to expand!! I'm terrified of suffocating....But I managed to pull the dress down and that's when I saw the hidden zip on the side... At least I know I'll be able to put the dress on again without having to go without oxygen....

I loved the dress so much that I even went out of the changeroom and had a walk up and down the store mirror. It's times like these that you really need a girlfriend with you to say

"Wow you look great! You should buy that!"

But I became my own bestfriend at that time and went ahead with the purchase!
I can't wait to wear it tonight!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Staying awake and being sexy

Work training courses can be both a blessing and a curse. Although any time off the phones is a thing to be happy about, it's usually quite a challenge to try to stay awake for however long your course goes for.
I was on one today and luckily the trainers were good enough to create a fun and almost lively atmosphere with a very dull topic.
One of the topics covered in the course was sexual harrassment and we were discussing a particular scenario. The trainer described exactly what had happened to this one woman and then said "She was treated as a sex object"Without hesitating a second, a colleague jumped in at that point and said "Oh God if only I'd be treated as a sex object!!"
It was quite funny... but maybe you had to be there! :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I've done it again....

I just love making movies or rather, short movie clips...

Usually the idea that starts in my head is far more elaborate than what eventuates but we have fun doing it (Ok I have fun, Sarah and Josh are usually forced into it!) And each time we make a new film, I learn a little more.

This is one a short one... about two minutes so please indulge me and have a look.

By the way, you can leave a comment even if you're not a member of blogger. Just choose the "name" or anonymous option in the comments field but please leave your name even if you choose anonymous!

Now watch!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A miracle is happening...

Brace yourselves...

This is going to be hard to believe....

For those of you who doubted that miracles happen, I can assure you that one is happening at my place right now.
Yes you read right, we are experiencing some kind of divine intervention because Deno and I actually were inspired to do some work in the garden this week!!!!

(You have permission to cheer and exclaim in amazement)

I would have to say that the catalyst for this occurrence would be his father, who kindly worked on getting our fruit trees right and fertilized this week

Unfortunately I didn't take "before" shots, although these "during" shots are scary enough as it is...

This is what you will see as you step out our back door to go outside now...
There are no more trees up there. I have no idea what we're going to do with that area but as it stands we now have no choice. We have to do something!

Some more shots of the disaster zone..



Now you understand why I say I never go outside. It's just far too scary and very depressing.

Oh, we did see one of those praying mantis insect thingies while out there. These change colour right?? Cos I thought they were green?


If we ever get to an "after" stage with this back yard, I'll be sure to post pictures. In the meantime, if anyone has connections to those garden restoration tv shows, please consider us!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Video Clips

I wanted to see if this was going to work.

Last week, while we were in Sydney, Bill had the opportunity to sit, and have a go at a didgeridoo with a busker. He performed really well don't you think??

I also took a little video footage of Bill and Deno doing what they've done a LOT of lately.... playing Backgammon!!!
There's also a little message to loved ones back home..