Sunday, October 12, 2008

A miracle is happening...

Brace yourselves...

This is going to be hard to believe....

For those of you who doubted that miracles happen, I can assure you that one is happening at my place right now.
Yes you read right, we are experiencing some kind of divine intervention because Deno and I actually were inspired to do some work in the garden this week!!!!

(You have permission to cheer and exclaim in amazement)

I would have to say that the catalyst for this occurrence would be his father, who kindly worked on getting our fruit trees right and fertilized this week

Unfortunately I didn't take "before" shots, although these "during" shots are scary enough as it is...

This is what you will see as you step out our back door to go outside now...
There are no more trees up there. I have no idea what we're going to do with that area but as it stands we now have no choice. We have to do something!

Some more shots of the disaster zone..



Now you understand why I say I never go outside. It's just far too scary and very depressing.

Oh, we did see one of those praying mantis insect thingies while out there. These change colour right?? Cos I thought they were green?


If we ever get to an "after" stage with this back yard, I'll be sure to post pictures. In the meantime, if anyone has connections to those garden restoration tv shows, please consider us!!!!

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