Friday, October 24, 2008

Excuse me while I go into reading hibernation

It happened so quickly I barely knew I'd been engulfed until I most happily was.

This week, my daughter Sarah showed me a book she'd been lent by one of her school friends. It was "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer.

The last time I'd seen her this excited about a book was when she first started reading Harry Potter! She told me it was about vampires. I don't know exactly what it was about it that got me interested. I've read the odd vampire story or two but I think it was just the look and feel of this particular book and the way she was so enthused about it, that made me think to myself, "I want to read that too!"

So off I went to the library but wouldn't you know it, not only was every book in the series OUT, they all had at least four reserves on it....I wasn't going to wait at least four months for it...

So as I was walking around the city yesterday during my lunch break, I went into a bookstore that had all the books in the series on sale!!! How lucky was that!So I bought them.

Ok yeah I know it was impulsive but I do impulsive things from time to time. Luckily I tend to space the impulsivity out so I don't get myself into too much trouble....

I took the books back to work and called Sarah to tell her about it. As I mentioned "Stephanie Meyer" on the phone to her, a co worker looked up and said "The Twilight Series"!!!He couldn't believe he was hearing those words at work as his wife is obsessed with it all and he's sick of hearing about it!I felt a little better knowing it wasn't just teenage girls that were obsessed with this series.

So on the way home from work I started reading and wouldn't you know it didn't take long till I was hooked. It's a very easy read with a conversational style that isn't dumbed down, but also doesn't require a lot of intellect.

I'm now halfway through the first book and can't wait till lunch time when I can read some more!!!

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