Thursday, October 16, 2008

Staying awake and being sexy

Work training courses can be both a blessing and a curse. Although any time off the phones is a thing to be happy about, it's usually quite a challenge to try to stay awake for however long your course goes for.
I was on one today and luckily the trainers were good enough to create a fun and almost lively atmosphere with a very dull topic.
One of the topics covered in the course was sexual harrassment and we were discussing a particular scenario. The trainer described exactly what had happened to this one woman and then said "She was treated as a sex object"Without hesitating a second, a colleague jumped in at that point and said "Oh God if only I'd be treated as a sex object!!"
It was quite funny... but maybe you had to be there! :)

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Evil Pixie said...

Having given enough of these sexual harassment seminars, a comment like that is the perfect comment to lighten the mood on a very dull (though necessary) topic.