Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Cat Burglar?

We had a bit of excitement this morning.

I was in a nice, comfortable deep sleep when suddenly, I felt a poke in my side.
"not now, didn't we do that already? I want to sleep" were my immediate thoughts however I was soon poked again!
I turned over to see Deno sitting up, staring fixedly down the stairs.
Quietly he said to me that he had seen a light on downstairs when he awoke to use the bathroom. He thought maybe he'd left one on when we went to bed but after a few seconds, the light went off!

We stayed like that, watching down the stairs, for what seemed like ages!

Then, thinking we'd flush the intruder out, we started speaking loudly and turned on the lights for the stairs and the upstairs area.
We were both sure we'd heard a few little sounds after the lights went on but didn't see anyone rushing for the exit!

I went outside on our balcony, to see if there were any getaway cars or to perhaps see our intruder leaving the scene via a neighbours house but after a minute or two, Deno called me back in.

He was going downstairs.

With weapon in hand (curtain rod... but next time he'll be better prepared!) he bravely went down. I had the phone set to "000" just in case...

Thankfully it was a false alarm although the whole time I was waiting for a yell then a thud and hoping Deno was going to be the one doing the hitting!
He checked all the exits and windows and all were intact.
We think the light he saw had come from the sensor light downstairs, perhaps being triggered by a cat or something.

Either way, it gave us a bit of an adrenalin rush and wasn't Deno so brave!
Love ya honey

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's All Relative...

I recently added an old high school teacher to my list of friends on facebook.

He didn't really remember me but then again, I wouldn't have expected him too.... even though I'm sure there weren't too many girls with big bushy blonde hair who were called "Bushhead", even by some of the teachers.... I can't tell you the amount of times I was asked if there were possums hiding in my hair!!! It was all quite traumatic!

So anyhow, the first thing I noticed about this old teacher of mine was his date of birth. I was a little surprised to see he was only 16 years older than me! That would have made him ten years younger than I am NOW when he was teaching me!
So why is it that when I was a student, he seemed so old??? Was he really only 30 years old?? Really??

It's all too depressing...

Someone stop this damn age clock! I think it's out of whack, it's turning too fast!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Poem by Tina Borzillo


They’re gone, they’ve gone, the house is clear.

The house is quiet, no sound I hear.

Three days I had to fuss and spoil,

Three days I was a mum again.

Rest I was told, regain your strength,

But such a chance I could not pass.

To have all four of them with me,

Was something I did not want to miss.

I’ve never had a time like this

When Tony requires so much from me.

One on the Net, the other chasing the dog,

One on the DS, the other on the XBOX.

And every hour or so they swapped.

“Don’t spoil them” Their mothers told me.

Don’t spoil them?

To town we went and T.T.P.

A T-shirt here a T-shirt there,

“I would rather have a pair of jeans”

The younger one pleaded with me.

And what about those crazy photos!!!!!

The things I did to see them happy.

Now Sarah, Josh, Anthony and Michael have left

I’ll sleep in peace tonight for sure.

But miss I will their chattering

And wish they were with me here once more.

Tina borzillo