Friday, October 2, 2009

A Poem by Tina Borzillo


They’re gone, they’ve gone, the house is clear.

The house is quiet, no sound I hear.

Three days I had to fuss and spoil,

Three days I was a mum again.

Rest I was told, regain your strength,

But such a chance I could not pass.

To have all four of them with me,

Was something I did not want to miss.

I’ve never had a time like this

When Tony requires so much from me.

One on the Net, the other chasing the dog,

One on the DS, the other on the XBOX.

And every hour or so they swapped.

“Don’t spoil them” Their mothers told me.

Don’t spoil them?

To town we went and T.T.P.

A T-shirt here a T-shirt there,

“I would rather have a pair of jeans”

The younger one pleaded with me.

And what about those crazy photos!!!!!

The things I did to see them happy.

Now Sarah, Josh, Anthony and Michael have left

I’ll sleep in peace tonight for sure.

But miss I will their chattering

And wish they were with me here once more.

Tina borzillo


Anonymous said...

oh ----- that was really nice!! They have grown up so quick!! Sounds like they had fun and your spoilt them!! - Melissa

Anonymous said...

anthony wants to go to your place again! I cant compete lol!

Anonymous said...

this comment came from Nadia (not anthony) - but I used his google account