Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What day were you born on?

Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go.
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
But the child born on the Sabbath Day,
Is fair and wise and good and gay.

I loved this little rhyme as a child. Actually I still love it. When I was younger though, I thought it was based on fact. I thought some scientists somewhere had evaluated babies born on different days of the week, and made up this little rhyme to compliment their findings! Ok, in my defense, I was very young when I thought that!

I always felt sorry for those kids born on a Saturday. Working hard for a living? No thanks! That doesn't sound like much fun.

Now Sunday's child... what a charm! Who wouldn't want to be born on a Sunday? In my family we had one member born on a Sunday and I remember thinking that the rhyme didn't quite work out for that family member! (By the way family member, I'm just kidding! *wink*)

Monday's child was pretty. Lucky for them. I was never envious of Monday's child but I was happy for them. They got a good one. Lets just hope the brain content wasn't compromised for the sake of looks.

Tuesday's child would be a good person to know if not, perhaps a little boring but someone that you could rely on if no one else was around for a cuppa.

Poor Wednesday child! To be cast into the depressed lot!!! I know one Wednesday's child that this doesn't apply to (you know who you are fellow blogger!) but as a child I always thought this was the worst day to be born on! Even worse than a Saturday! If I were a Wednesday's child I would pretend not to even know about this rhyme! What hogwash! I'd ask for a recount of those baby born stats!!

Thursday's child was interesting. The adventurous sort. I was happy for Thursday's child too but was glad I wasn't one as I'm a bit of a home body. Still, good for them! They get to go out and see the world while I only read about it.

And lastly we have Friday's child. Seriously, could there be a better day than Friday? Loving and giving!!! That says it all! Friday is the only day that love is mentioned and giving? Talk about being well rounded! If you're loving and giving then surely everything just falls into place for you! You have it made without even really trying!
Not that this Friday's child is biased or anything but couple that with the fact that Friday is the end of the working week and I'm pretty chuffed to be born on Friday. The only other day that could possibly compete would be Sunday but lets be honest, who would want to spend time with a goody-two-shoes like a Sunday's child? No, there's no competition. The world celebrates the day I was born every week! It doesn't get any better than that!

Friday, March 27, 2009

More Customer Stories

Customers can be such precious little gems can't they? They can give hours and hours of entertainment as you recall each frustrating moment! And while I'm on the phone I keep telling myself "later on, I will be laughing at this" while I grit my teeth and try to remain civil and calm with my customer.

The first incident occurred with an interpreter service operator. She was a Vietnamese interpreter and had a Vietnamese customer on the phone but was strangely reluctant to communicate with me, instead, had the customer try to relay his information. Did she think she was going to teach him something? I couldn't understand what the customer was saying and had to say "Interpreter, can you tell me the customers surname" etc etc... She would remain quiet or instruct the customer in their language, what to say to me. Why the hell didn't she just say it? My voice started to rise and before too long, there was no question of my irritation. After all, she wasn't just a non English speaking customer, she was supposed to be a translator for goddsakes! I asked her for her operator number after the call and she said "Why do you want that for?" and I said "because I haven't been happy with your service" and she said "well I haven't been happy with your service" and hung up!
The nerve!

Then I had another customer who was calling for her mothers account. Her mother wasn't there. I tried to explain nicely that under the privacy act, I can't discuss someone else's account with her. I could be held personally liable.
She started to protest, saying she was stressed and this was her mother who was going into a nursing home.
I said I understand that and know it's frustrating but we our bound by the Governement's privacy laws.
She then tells me she has power of attorney. I said "Great, fax in those papers and I'll update the account showing that you can have access to it"
She gave a long sigh and went silent.
"Was there anything else today?" I said, perhaps a little too cheekily.
She replied with a snappy "you just don't know the stress and the pressure I'm under. You sit there in that office and all I'm asking is a simple thing and you just refuse to take this stress from me."
And then she hung up.
I just wish I'd been able to say "Do you think you're the only one with stress in your life? Is stress an excuse to have everyone bow to your wishes, laws be damned?"
I mean seriously. I did feel sorry for her, but not enough to be hit with a fine if I breach the privacy act!
Poor little stressed girl! Give me a break! There are people with real problems in this world ya know!

A little after that call, a colleague called me saying he had a call for me. He said it was someone from the interpreting service who had requested to speak to my extension number.
I was dumbfounded for a moment. She'd caused me such grief and now she was calling me back?
But hearing his stifled laughter I realised it was a joke! Too bad, I would have liked to have given her a piece of my mind…

Actually no, I take that back... I have precious little of my mind left!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


We're all better at some things than others. I'm not talking about studies or learning, I'm talking about every day kind of things. Managing a budget, running a household, catching public transport, dealing with call centres etc etc... These are all things that I'm fairly good at however no matter how hard I try, there are some things that genetically, I'm just not designed to do!

I remember as a child, watching my mum wipe down a bench. How did she get everything off so easily? How did she do it, so a clean, clear, unstreaked bench top was left, without a speck or morsel of left over food or crumbs? How is this possible?
As a younger child I thought it was just my age that made me inadequate when it came to cleaning benches... then as I got older, and my work didn't get any better, I thought it was the cleaning products and rags/sponges I was using. I switched it all over to the same ones my mum used.
It wasn't any better.
It's fine... I've accepted the fact that I don't clean well. I'm not a grot, I do clean, I just can't get the sparkling, new home type look! There’s always just a little smear or something left over no matter how many times I go over the same spot.

Another skill I haven't acquired is being able to dry myself after a shower. I know... I shouldn't even be admitting that one!!! I thought it was normal until Deno kept asking me why I was coming to bed still wet from my shower. It's impossible to get every drop off isn't it??? I figured the bed sheets would do the rest...
So after his comments I really tried to make an effort but no, there's always drops of water left somewhere no matter how hard I try to get every single spot.
So I've accepted that I can dry myself.

I'm sure Deno would have a long list of things I can't do but luckily for me, he rarely comments online. Besides, we all have our little faults and things we aren't able to do don't we dear?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Roll on 5 o'clock!

There is almost nothing that beats the exhiliration I feel every Friday at 5pm.

It's definitely my favourite time of the whole week!

It's not that I hate my job, I just value my free time and Friday 5pm is when it starts.

From the moment I turn my back to my work area, a smile erupts that cannot be shaken and I walk out the building with a carefree spring in my step.

It's the weekend!!

So much promise!

And as I write this I have less than two hours to my favourite time of the week...
I can barely wait!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Beleive it or not...

Office life can be a bit mundane from time to time. We sit in our little corners, speak to customers and type away.
As our building is located in the city, it's nice to look out the window from occasionaly to see what's going on in the free world below.

Well as I entered the office after being in a meeting today, I noticed a group of people hovering around one of our windows. What could they have been looking at? An accident? A crazy person disturbing the public?

No, what they were looking at was RAIN. Yes it's true!! We had RAIN! Not just a spit here or there, but a downpour! At least it was a down pour for a few minutes and quickly reverted back to a spit here and there. But wow.. Full blown rain! When was the last time I saw that??

We marvelled at the sight then went quietly back to work.