Thursday, March 26, 2009


We're all better at some things than others. I'm not talking about studies or learning, I'm talking about every day kind of things. Managing a budget, running a household, catching public transport, dealing with call centres etc etc... These are all things that I'm fairly good at however no matter how hard I try, there are some things that genetically, I'm just not designed to do!

I remember as a child, watching my mum wipe down a bench. How did she get everything off so easily? How did she do it, so a clean, clear, unstreaked bench top was left, without a speck or morsel of left over food or crumbs? How is this possible?
As a younger child I thought it was just my age that made me inadequate when it came to cleaning benches... then as I got older, and my work didn't get any better, I thought it was the cleaning products and rags/sponges I was using. I switched it all over to the same ones my mum used.
It wasn't any better.
It's fine... I've accepted the fact that I don't clean well. I'm not a grot, I do clean, I just can't get the sparkling, new home type look! There’s always just a little smear or something left over no matter how many times I go over the same spot.

Another skill I haven't acquired is being able to dry myself after a shower. I know... I shouldn't even be admitting that one!!! I thought it was normal until Deno kept asking me why I was coming to bed still wet from my shower. It's impossible to get every drop off isn't it??? I figured the bed sheets would do the rest...
So after his comments I really tried to make an effort but no, there's always drops of water left somewhere no matter how hard I try to get every single spot.
So I've accepted that I can dry myself.

I'm sure Deno would have a long list of things I can't do but luckily for me, he rarely comments online. Besides, we all have our little faults and things we aren't able to do don't we dear?

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Evil Pixie said...

I can relate. I'm horrid at cleaning. I do what I think is enough, but then it never really is enough. And as for toweling off after a shower... I've given that one up. Sure, I still towel off but I have a nice, thick bathrobe that I put on which does the rest. :)