Friday, October 31, 2008

Proving he is human after all...

Yesterday turned out to be quite an eventful day and it had nothing to do with reading and vampires!

Sarah & Josh were home from school due to a teachers strike so when I went on my first break of the day, I called to check everything was ok. They told me that Deno was out bike riding... Knowing that he would worry about them being home alone, I decided to text him to let him know I'd called and they were fine. Immediately he called back.

I didn't know if the phone was cutting out or if he was physically not able to talk. From the garbled mess that was our conversation I learned that he'd had an accident on his bike and was just lying there! Yes I yelled at him for not calling an ambulance. What was he thinking? He said he would have called for a cab to take him home... Yeah not to take him to the hospital or something!!! I heard "might have broken my leg" in there somewhere and he's thinking of taking a cab home??

So I rushed home from work. Unfortunately I was on a train that wasn't express and stopped at every stop. Deno and I were on the phone the whole time. The train ride seemed to be taking much too long. Did time slow down?
Eventually I arrived and took him straight to the doctors where after an excruciatingly long wait, we found out his leg most probably wasn't broken but he had a corked thigh.

The doctor who was assessing him didn't look competent I'm sorry to say. His first language wasn't English and I'm not sure he understood the whole gist of our conversation. I feel like I was being an interpreter between Deno and the doctor! When the x-rays came back, the doctor looked and looked and then said to come back tomorrow after a specialist has looked at them. He couldn't tell if there was a break or not? Hmmmm

Deno says he's not going back. At this point I'm just so relieved that it wasn't worse that I'm not too fussed if he goes back or not.

So last night we had a house full of visitors checking to see that the 6'7'' patient was ok. It was a fun night in the end as we sat around, chatted, laughed and drank a little. Any day I get to bake two batches of muffins, and have them ALL disappear within a matter of ten minutes is a good day!!!!

Now, let’s hope his leg heals enough so he can still cook the barbie on Sunday!!


Evil Pixie said...

Holy crumb! And I thought I was bad! How is he doing now?

Anonymous said...

Make sure dad goes back, I always say better safe than sorry...or at least go see someone else. Other than that how is everyone? I got dads email the other day and haven't written back yet. will soon. Going to take the girls out for halloween tomorrow, you have GOT to see their costumes, TOO CUTE! Are you all looking forwards to Aunty Sandy's visit, it never ends does it? I can't believe all her boys are going, I don't envy her the flight. Well hope to talk to you all again soon, I send my love and hope dads legs gets better fast. Ciao for now