Thursday, November 6, 2008

Movember is just Ewww Month

Look I get the whole point of movember and think it's a cause that is in much need of continual support but I've been absolutely dreading it.


You don't really have to ask do you?

Moustaches are just disgusting.

And yeah I get the jokiness of it and if it were a once off thing, I could get behind it too but do I really have to see an abundance of these awful fuzzy growths this month?

There's a large group of men doing it at work and I commend them the effort and as I've already said, the promotion of the cause but ugh! I have to look at them!

Think about it, what do you think when you see a moustached man? I see some body who is so set in his ways that he refuses to acknowledge that moustaches should have been left in the seventies when they were somewhat acceptable (I was too young to be offended by them in the 70's!)

I would mention the porn star link but I think the type of man who enjoys his moustache, also enjoys that porn star link.

I walked into work today for the first time this month and noticed several guys with fuzz on their face. One of them looked like he'd glued a catepillar above his top lip. I can't believe they'd be happy to go through the month like that! I don't get it! Others who said they were participating barely had any visual evidence of it.

Now just to be clear, everything I've said about that fuzziness above the top lip in this blog does NOT apply to the sexy goatie. (Love you honey)

I love a goatie and a beard can be ok but nothing else is more gross or more old fashioned than a moustache!!

But I do hope they raise a lot of money.

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Evil Pixie said...

Couldn't agree with you more... I'm always suspicious of men with mustaches. I'm convinced they are hiding something. I'm not a fan of facial hair in general - too itchy, scratchy, and they always manage to get food crumbs in there. I pitched a fit when Dougie when all facial hair on me. While a goatee can be sexy, it gets old after a while.