Saturday, November 8, 2008


Our roof must be very comfy for birds because it's at about this time of year that we hear the tip tap of little bird feet, and the flutter of their wings up in the room. It's especially noticeable when we're trying to go to sleep...

So Deno decided today was the day to see what the hell was going on up there and to set those birds free (restoring our sanity in the process)

Unfortunately our roof is not the easiest to get around in and Deno is not the littlest guy around... and those birds had made their home in the furtherest corner...

In the end, Deno decided it was better to go in through the outside by taking a panel out..

We had a box ready and five little colourful parrots were safely snuck inside!

They were making the most strange sound!! You'll be able to hear it in the video footage I've got below.

The poor things were so frightened but they're so beautiful!!!

Deno got up close and personal!

Now watch our video clip! In the first bit, you can hear the strange sounds they make!

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Anonymous said...

they are gorgeous - I cant get the video to work but will try again later