Thursday, November 13, 2008

Physic Readings Available For A Fee

Ah yes, another day full of fun phone calls.

As you may know, my job involves taking customer enquiries about their bills. I had one very persistant lady this morning who kept asking me a series of questions over and over again. I was so tempted to say,
"No matter how many times you ask me, the answer will still be the same"
Then she asked me how much her next bill was going to be.

What I should have said was "$954.36"

No doubt, she would have freaked at the amount, probably saying something like "why so high???"

To which I would have had to reply "Because I've added my physic reading fee on top of that"

Seriously, the number of people who ask me how much their next bill is going to be is astounding.

The other most unfortunate news of the day is that our internet was down. We only have a limited amount of sites we can access anyway (no you tube, facebook or myspace) but it helps pass the time and keep sanity intact…

Unfortunately with the internet being down for most of the day, sanity was not always attainable. In fact, I didn't realise how much I relied on it until it was no longer available.

I couldn't check my hotmail! I may have had extremely important mail waiting for me (see entry about email addiction!!!) but I would not have known!
It was torturous.

Hopefully this situation with the internet being down will only be temporary and everything will be back to normal tomorrow.

Fingers Crossed.

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