Sunday, November 23, 2008

Visiting the neighbours

Recently our very kind neighbours invited us to dinner at their place. They wanted to spend a bit of time with Deno's dad before he returns to Las Vegas. We'd never been to dinner there before so I wanted to make a nice impression. Deno bought a couple of bottles of wine and I made a cake. I'd bought a new, special cake tin and as usual, didn't follow a recipe, but just put in lots of nice tasting things like blackberries, melted white chocolate and bananas….

To go with the blackberry theme, I put some reddish colouring in the icing… it looked pretty I thought..

Anyhow, so we have a lovely dinner there and after the dinner plates are cleared, our neighbour brings out this magnificent looking pavlova topped with tons of strawberries, and blueberries! It looked stunning!

Sarah and Josh looked at the pavlova then looked back to my cake and said, "Mum that cake makes yours look like a finger bun"


But they were right so I couldn't say anything! Still, my cake was eaten too… and they were both ymmy cakes, just yummy in different ways!

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Anonymous said...

Your cake was creative and an original - it sounds lovely