Monday, October 25, 2010

Clever Advertising

Look at these two logos.
What do you notice??

When I used to go the the gym, it would frustrate me to see women lifting a few weights, then talk about how they were going to have a cake and coffee because they
"deserved" it.

Then they'd moan about how long they'd been going to the gym but had never lost any weight...

I easily fall into the same mindset... "I've run 70kms this week, I think I can have a splurge or two..."
This thought creeps into my mind, uninvited and unless I snap myself out of it's hypnotic, pleasurable tones, I will find myself falling for it, even though I know better!

But the other day while I was enjoying some TV time, an ad for the woman's only gym "Curves" came on and I thought, "isn't that logo just like the Cadbury one? Surely that's not an accident!'

Nothing in advertising is an accident.

What those clever Curves people have done, is told ladies that you can "work out" in a gentle, non aerobic way, then go ahead and eat your Cadbury chocolate because it's all part of the Curves experience.


But we all love to be treated and there will always be an abundance of people who love chocolate!
I guess I have to commend them for good advertising

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