Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Kitchen Rules - At least on TV is does...

Hubby and I have been watching My Kitchen Rules.
I really liked the show initially but there's so many things they need to change if series two is to grab my attention!

But that aside, watching the couples make the food always amazes me.

In fact Reality TV in general is just so staged!!

Please don't tell me that those couples cooking REALLY finish plating up just as the clock ticks down to zero? They show them still putting different foods on the plates with less than a minute to go. I refuse to believe that!!!

If that was true that they time it to such nail biting precision, you would think that occassionaly they would go even just a little over, and not finish plating up the food on all the dishes... but it's with perfect precision.

And don't you hate the stilted talking? We all know it's supposed to be for dramatic effect but it just makes the person talking look a little intellectually challenged. They must cringe when they watch the episodes!!

It's like when they announce the winner, or a person that's been eliminated... Something that takes a few seconds to say can be dragged out into a few minutes! Longer still if commercials are involved.

But going back to the My Kitchen Rules show, I think it's gotten a bit ridiculous how arty the plates have to look. It's not about the food anymore! If I want to see art work, I'll go to an art gallery! Food is going to taste good regardless of how many carefully placed sauce spots there are on the plate.

Now I do realise the value of having food look good on the plate, but I just think they go overboard and after a while, each dish just looks like another stacked food item, sauced plate dish.

And please, those servings???? They're barely a mouthful sometimes! God help you if you actually have an appetite!

On one of the rounds, the couple cooking made a ravioli for an entree, but messed something up so instead of getting two or three ravioli per dish, they each got one.

Yes you read that right, ONE!!!!!

That's pretty funny isn't it?

So it's arty to place a small amount of food on a place in a stylish way? How about a few rice grains arranged in a pretty way? Could that do it? Only if they named it something exotic I guess... then they'd have a winner!

But still, I'm watching so they're doing something right!

And with the final coming up on Monday, I'm already looking forward to the next series!!

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