Friday, March 12, 2010

Would you like some hardened arteries?

I love how at my place of work, the company tries to keep its employees happy but doing little things for them.
For instance, we've really been under the pump with calls and staffing issues lately, so we've all been working extra hard...
Management have been giving us little gifts...
Things like 'donut days' and "morning teas."

The thought is nice...But I thought an extreme was reached today when the supervisors started coming around with little takeaway boxes.
I started wondering what could be in there... six donuts?? The box looked quite big!
Was it some sort of company trinket?

Slowly a smell starting wafting through the office and before I was offered my own box, I knew it was something greasy and artery hardening. When the box was offered to me, I politely shook my head. No thanks! And spent the next hour trying not to puke from the gross smell of chicken and chips.

While I appreciate the gesture, couldn’t there have been a healthy option offered as well? Couldn't they have had subway make up some rolls or something?? At least it would be something that wouldn't stink up the office!

It's so gross...

And I still have five hours to go...

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