Thursday, November 5, 2009

I hate shopping for clothes

This lunch time I was reminded how much I hate shopping for clothes!

I've needed new clothes for some time as I slowly seem to be outgrowing the ones I have... So, as depressing as that is, I faced the fact and went out this lunch time to get something new. A new skirt perhaps...I'm steering clear of pants or anything that comes above the knee. It's time to be realistic...

30 minutes isn't a great deal of time to look, granted, but I still think I should have been able to see something passable...

It seems to me the shops are geared towards the 16 or 60 year olds.
Where is all the in-between stuff???
You either have to be young and wanting to wear short tight clothes, or old with a passion for large flowery patterns.
It was quite depressing

I was actually wearing the skirt that I was trying to find a replica of, after all, there is only so many times you can wear the same skirt into an office - and one of the girls in a clothing store I went into asked me if I'd bought this skirt from her store. I got excited thinking they may have something for me! Alas no - the store didn't even have anything remotely resembling my skirt so that was a bit of a letdown.

In another store, the sales assistant was just beside herself trying to help me but there was nothing there. "Hold on" she would say, and lead me to something else that was completely not what I was after. I admired her dedication but dedication doesn't always get results. Especially if you're on a time limit!

So no, I have no idea what I'm going to wear tomorrow unless I happen to lose 10 kgs overnight, and serves me right for letting my wardrobe situation get as bad as it has.
I just hate shopping for clothes so much! I
know, so unwomanly of me!
Why is it that the perfect outfit is ALWAYS found when you're not looking for it!!


Evil Pixie said...

It's not only not found when you're looking for it, but it is also found when you do not have the money for it. :)

Anonymous said...

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