Wednesday, November 16, 2011

When someone thinks for you....

 Saturday night Sarah, Josh and I were in the car coming back from Sweeney Tood (an amazing production/performance). We'd gushed about it for most of the trip back and then were silent in the car.

Sarah breaks the silence by saying
"Mum where's the..."
and before she finishes the sentence, I say
"It's in the bottom drawer"

And silence took over again.

And as I was sitting there replaying those few words in my head I wondered what Josh thought of it so I said
"Josh did you notice how we did that?"

Being a teenage male, he wasn't even aware that we'd spoken, let alone that we'd had a mental telepathy moment....

 But there is something about my daughter that makes her know exactly what I'm going to say before I even say it! This is probably the first time I've noticed it work the other way.

Half the time I don't even know what I want to say myself and I stumble over my words
"Did you see...? where's the....? did you want...? remember when we did that thing?"
No matter what I'm saying, she knows what I'm asking and answers accordingly...

She's a clever chookie that one! Don't know where she gets it from ;)

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