Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Life returns to normal

I haven't written anything here for a while and I'm really not too sure why because normally I have all sorts of observations that occur to me during the day that I like to share.

I have had a few things against me.
1. I no longer have access to blogger at work (I can't tell you how traumatized I am by that!)
2. I think I've been battling lingering jet lag (I can hear Deno laughing right now)
3. I've been covertly worried that I won't be able to get my fitness back to what it was before we left for America.

So to combat those things...
1. I'm trying to work out a new system so I can still write even though I don't have access at work.
2. Nothing much I can do about potential lingering jet lag but just try to sleep when I'm tired.
3. Don't think about my running and just do it! (And yes I do wear Nike's)

I've got my running to 60kms a week so I should be happy with that shouldn't I? I don't know why I keep feeling like it's not enough. I really really really want to run a marathon. The Gold Coast one is in two months but don't think I'll be ready for that... The Melbourne one is in October and it's reasonable to think I could be ready for that except I'm afraid to run outdoors.
Here's another laughing moment for Deno....
Another factor against me being ready for the marathon is that I'm deathly afraid of magpies!! And to run the kms I need to run to train for a marathon, I need to be doing that on the streets...
I'll probably get out there soon enough but it's always at the back of my mind... For now I'll probably just stick to the esplanade because that seems to be the safest route but then I'm battling coastal winds and just straight routes. I like the variety of turns.
I also really hate running in Winter and through the frosty cold...

So there you go. I didn't really have anything to write here but wanted to break the drought!
And now, I'm going to take photos with my new Nikon D90 which I'm still deeply in love with

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Evil Pixie said...

I've been a bit lax on blogging too. Planning to get back into the groove later today. :)