Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just because I can

I got my glasses today.

You didn't know I wore glasses? Well actually I don't!

Specsavers have been running these ads where you don't pay for your eye testing and you don't pay for your glasses (up to a certain price) if your health insurance is partnered up with them.

Well mine is.

I don't need glasses though but I wanted a pair just for the hell of it!

I went for my testing and she said yes, I had perfect eyes. I knew that!
But then I said my eyes sometimes get "tired" when I'm at the computer or up in bed reading... She asked if I wanted some magnification and I said yes please!
She hmmm a bit and said "even those +1 magnification reading glasses you get at the chemist would be too strong for you"
"yes they are" I lamented....
But I just wanted glasses!

So because it's all free, she prescribed a pair that are even less magnification than the lowest, general type ones you can get from the chemist...

And today I got the call that they were ready!!
So now, as I'm typing these, I'm looking through my new, FREE FOR ME, Fcuk prescription glasses.
Deno's come later this week and Sarah and Josh are booked in for their visits next week!
Thank you specsavers!
Question is, do they make me look smarter???
(Haven't been game enough to take a photo of myself in them yet so you'll just have to say yes!)

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Evil Pixie said...

Post a photo with you wearing them... Why do you want glasses if you don't need them?