Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Holidays! What??

It's that time of year again when the holidays are upon us.
The school year is over and many people take time off work to be with their families.

I'm always in two minds at this time of year.
While I love spending time with family and I love the excitement that the holidays bring, I hate the commercialism that goes along with it.

I hate the crowds that are at every shopping mall and I'm so terrible at knowing what gifts to buy for people that it gets very stressful and I find myself counting down the days till it's all over!!

But this blog today is about whether to Christmas or holiday.

I really don't understand why people would get so upset about businesses wishing "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" or god forbid "Merry Xmas."
The fact is, there are people all over the world who believe different things.
What if we had a majority of Jewish people in this country? Should we only say Happy Hanukkah? Why should the majority dictate for all?

Those who think we should only say "merry Christmas" in this country would be the first to object if the government decreed we should have a happy Hanukkah instead. There's separation of church and state for a reason!

Doesn't "happy holidays" encompass all religious and non religious groups? And why would I be offended if someone said this to me? Would it change what I believe? Of course not!

People get way too sensitive.

So no matter what your personal beliefs are, please don't be offended this season if someone wishes you happy holidays or seasons greetings.
Remember this season was celebrated as the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere before anything else so no-one can claim originality!

Most of all, think on all that is good in your life and love and appreciate the people who love you and accept you no matter what.

Peace out!


DJ said...

My long-standing policy is to reserve my hostility for those who wish me a lousy Christmas or a terrible holiday season - and I'm inclined to shrug even those comments off if the person making them gives me a single yummy cookie.

DJ said...

Hope YOUR holiday season has all the cookies you could ever wish for! :-)