Monday, May 2, 2011

What's in your handbag?

I once read an article where they claimed they could tell what sort of woman you were, by what you carried around in your handbag...

I was reminded of this article just this week as I felt my handbag was heavier than normal and decided to do a clean out.
It's really amazing what you'll find in there!

I had a pair of Thorlos (ok so that was because I knew I'd be buying running shoes and had to have my running socks with me to measure my foot accurately...)

Ipod charger (cos having a dead ipod battery is never acceptable)

My Ipod

My phone

Addoku puzzle book (for those times when I'm waiting and there's just nothing to do)

Belly Button ring (My first and original one that I wore for eight years... still haven't put it away after changing to my new one...)

About 15 pens.... (ok I can't think of a reason why I have so many, maybe they just breed?)

Notebook (for when blog idea is just burning inside me...)

Purse (Full of cards and other crap that I won't go into now)

Voltaren Osteo Gel (for when you just need it)

Migraine pills (see above)

Lens Cleaner (To clean my glasses but I don't really use them... The cleaner was a freebie given out at the train station one morning)

Glasses (as stated, don't use them though but you just never know when...)

USB (No further explanation necessary)

Train time table,

Voice Recorder (for Chorus)

Batteries (well... to use when required)

1001 receipts (In case I ever have to return that item... although finding the individual rcpt for that may be tricky)

paper clips

Crumbs (honestly I have no idea)

Two or three dress rings (for when I just have to wear them)

Lady products,

More headphones (in case the ones I'm using don't work anymore)

And a picture of my dad

So there you have it... That's what in my handbag!

So what's in yours??

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