Friday, April 29, 2011

My Secret Lover...

I recently found an old blog and plucked this entry out of it....

Who knew I'd been such a bad girl?

How can I live without you?

I was kidding myself when I made the decision to banish you from my life.
The memories of our sweet times fill my mind. Over and over they torment me. You call me… from wherever you are, you call me, tempting me always to once again give in you. How I want to give in.. oh how I want to surrender myself to you.

Even when I’m not with you, I think of you. I dream of you caressing my lips and I, gently licking you all over. Licking, sucking,.. sometimes the urge is just too great and I have to take you all in right away. All I want is to share in you. You’re so sweet. Your appeal is so apparent to all who know you.

How can my passion be wrong?
How can something so pure, so perfect, have such terrible consequences.

It’s true, my love for you is an obsession. That’s why I’m having such a hard time letting go of you.. but I promised I would and I’m doing all that I can to keep that promise.

Four days it’s been since you touched my lips…

Four days since I lay in the ecstasy of having indulged in your sweetness, your allure.
Four days since your aroma started the feelings in me which cannot be denied.

I must have you.

I will see you in secret.

I will seek you out and together we can sate this burning desire that grows minute by minute within me. Oh I need you, I need you right now!

Wait for me lover, I’m coming to you…

Listen for me as I whisper your name….


Chocolate… chocolate… chocolate…..

My first and only true love….

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