Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our own little hiding spots...

I was a young girl in the seventies, and a teenager in the eighties. As a result, the bra burning movement was pretty much over by the time I was wearing them!

Now I'll applaud a woman's choice to wear or not wear them but frankly, I can't understand why a woman wouldn't want to wear a bra! It's such a wonderful invention!
I keep a myriad of things in mine (apart from the obvious!)

Need to store an ipod but have no pockets? Tuck it in your bra!
Need to bring feminine hygiene products into the bathroom discreetly? Tuck it in your bra!
Need to store your car key while you go for your run? Tuck it into your bra!
Need to have spare change handy? A tissue handy? Just use your imagination and simplify your life.

Recently I was searching Acapella groups on you tube and came across this female quartet. One of the singers sounded the pitch pipe to get them started, then promptly stored that thing in her bra!!! And that was in front of a live audience!!
You've gotta love that..

Not to mention the older you get, the nicer they make your boobies look... There's no countering gravity if you go the natural way...

So while I admit I'm happy to take it off as soon as I can when I'm done for the day, I love the versatility of wearing and storing things in a bra.

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Anonymous said...

Lol funny! Yes totally agree with you! A good bra makes a woman look so good. Some of the things you mentioned that can be tucked in the bra can also be tucked into socks :)
Nadia xxx