Monday, April 4, 2011

There's a time and a place...

So I was just going about my business, doing my weekly shopping when I heard a couple discussing a rather private subject behind me.

The trouble is, they weren't using their quite voices!

The guy was telling his girlfriend how she needed a sex toy and then went into the specifics of why (which I won't be doing in this blog).

In their defense, they were standing in front of the "family planning" section so it's not like they were bringing up a subject out of the blue.

Did they not see me right behind me? Did they not care that I now know all about their intimate life? Were they so engrossed in this particular part of their life that they weren't aware of anything that was going on around them?

The girlfriend was actually a little more timid and I felt a little sorry for her. The guy was loud and not shy about what he was saying or what words he was using.

It was kinda funny but I'm glad I didn't have any little children with me at the time!
Might have had to answer a few difficult questions!

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