Thursday, April 14, 2011

Do you know...? How many...? Where is...? What does...? Who was the person...?‏

Are you a googler?

My less technical friends have often scoffed when I whip out my phone or ipod as soon as someone asks a question.

We may be sitting around, contemplating the population of Los Angeles or wondering if such and such a celebrity is still alive or who was that actor that played in that movie?

I just dont get why we all have to sit around and wonder, when the answer is at the tap of a few buttons?

Why argue when you can settle it right there and then!

No longer will the person with the loudest and most obstinate voice win that battle! The ipod can settle it.

Theres certainly no shame in wanting to know the correct, accurate answer!

And speaking of googling, how many have googled themselves? I.E. Egosurfing

I know I have! And theres quite a few embarrassing links out there that maybe one day Ill get around to taking down but I know Im not alone! Go ahead, google yourself. You may be surprised whats out there.

I embrace technology and our changing society with caution. I just cant be one of these people that automatically think change is bad.

Yeah I know kids arent playing in the streets anymore but take a look at their parents and youll find that theyre not very active either!

Technology is not to blame. These kids didnt buy the game systems they use and set themselves uncontrolled usage.

So go ahead and use technology. Let it better and enrich your life. Just remember that youre its masterdont let it master you.

Now, whats the population of Los Angeles???

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