Friday, December 5, 2008

The moral of this story is....

I can really get quite obsessive about things at times (Deno I can hear your "oh really" from here!!!!)

There's a certain young lady in my team at work who's having a birthday this weekend. I offered to make her a cake as that's what I like to do. Now when I offered this to her, I already had something in mind! Lately I've been making cakes with a ton of fruit in them. Apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries... whatever I had in the fridge! Then I'd add things like yoghurt or cream.. whatever I had. I just like experimenting. That was the type of cake that I thought I'd make for this young lady's birthday.

However when she knew I was making a cake, she wasted no time telling me she wanted a chocolate cake. My excitement waned a little as that's my least favourite cake as you can't really put fruit with it and she specifically said 'no bananas" as she doesn't like them. She's also allergic to nuts and coconut... So I felt a bit limited!

Still the challenge was there. She's into labels... Guess, Louis Vitton, etc, so I thought I'd make a theme cake. I asked her what label she liked best and she said. "Playboy"

I'm finding out that the moral of this story is

This cake was all I could think about! What ingredients was I going to use? How would I decorate it? Which baking dish was I going to use to bake it in? Was it going to have the playboy picture on top or would I trace out the playboy shape for the cake?
I would go over this constantly! Deno and I would be watching a movie and he'd ask me something about the plot of the movie and I'd have to fudge my way through an answer because I hadn't really been watching... I'd been thinking about the cake!

This week the countdown was on... Four days till I make the cake, Three days till I make the cake, Two days till I make the cake... Tomorrow I make the cake!!

I told you I'm obsessive...

Needless to say, I accepted the challenge and last night made the chocolate Playboy cake!! I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

Now I just have to hope it survives the journey to work!!

And as I have bakers insecurity, I'll be wondering all day if people are eating my cake and what they're thinking of it.....


Anonymous said...

So, tell me how did you go??? And did you sneak any fruits in it?? Looks great. Well done!! Melissa - NSW

Margot's Musings & Misadventures said...

No I didn't sneak any fruit in it! LOL. Although I did put in a secret ingredient and I think it tasted really nice but you have to ask someone else who ate it for an unbiased opinion :)