Thursday, December 18, 2008

Working in a call centre...

A couple of customers...

Today I had a customer whose first language wasn't English. These are the type that often bring a certain degree of interestingness to their calls!
He asked me if we'd received his payment and I said yes, then he asked if I could send him a "Bill Enquiry".
I repeated that phrase a few times and he insisted, that's what he wanted, a bill enquiry.
I could have brought up my Virgin Mobile Bill, I have a few enquiries about that!! Or may be my electricity bill which is always horrendously large but I have a feeling that wasn't quite what he was wanting... I clarified and discovered he actually wanted a copy of his bill sent out.
"Well certainly sir, I can do that for you!"

I had another lady today who was quite frantic. "Do you have my fire?" she asked. "Fire?"
"Yes, My fire, is it with you?"

Well I'd like to think I can sizzle from time to time but…
"I'm not sure I understand you"
She was getting very annoyed now.
"Is my fire with you?"
"By fire, do you mean gas?"

"yes yes! Gas, that's what I meant. Is my gas with you?"
Actually I knew she meant gas right away but it's sometimes fun to drag it out just a little…

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Evil Pixie said...

Sometimes it is fun to be wicked. :)