Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can you transfer me to an english speaking person please?

I think it's funny when customer calls in and after we've discussed their needs, they ask to be put through to another company.
I mean another completely different company with no connection to the one I actually work for.

Can you imagine calling your local gas, water or electricity company and asking to be put through to another utility?

Like we're all connected… one giant call centre here for the needs of the masses.

The customers always seem to be shocked when I say "no, they're another company".
Can you imagine calling Pizza Hut for a pizza delivery then asking to be transferred to a Myer Department store?


I have to wonder why people who can barely speak English, call into the call centre without having an interpreter handy.
At least once a day you can hear me saying "I'm sorry I don't understand you"

While I admire that they try, it's the most frustrating thing and as a customer, wouldn't you want to be certain the correct information was conveyed? Why would you chance calling about a meter installation if you can't give basic information?

I had someone just recently who wanted a meter installed. I asked him if the line had been brought into the property. He said "yeah" but I knew he had no idea what I had asked. So I said "So what I'm asking is, has the line been brought into the property or are you ringing now to have the line brought in?" and his response was "yeah".

It's very frustrating!

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Anonymous said...

LOL Well I can tell you that I would NEVER try to call a utility company over here as I want to understand what I am being told.