Friday, February 27, 2009

Quiet and Reserved?

If I had a dollar for everyone who has said to me
"I thought you were really quiet and reserved when I first met you" I'd have about $20.

Ok, so that's not a ton of money but it still is a common theme.

When people first meet me, they get that impression of me and sure, I am quiet and reserved but only because I like to observe.
We had to write adjectives about people we knew recently and one of the ajectives ascribed to me was "innocent". Really?? Whatever would give someone that idea?

Although there is something to not letting people know you're cluey. The more silent you are, the more they reveal of themselves.

I also respect the saying that says something like
"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt"
(Deno your comments are not welcome here!)
So when I feel comfortable with someone (and that doesn’t take long) the real me comes out.

I must admit though, I really hate being thought of as quiet and reserved. It has such an air of boredom! And when people give me that quote in the first paragraph, they always say it with such surprise! As if they're saying "I never knew you could be fun and interesting to talk to"

Ah well.. An air of mystery isn't a bad thing I guess.


Evil Pixie said...

It's the opposite with me. People, for some reason, make the assumption that I'm loud, bold, and need to be the center of attention, when I'm the absolute opposite. Inevitably, they are always disappointed. Funny how that happens... I just wish I knew what it was about me that brings them to that conclusion.

Anonymous said...

I admit, I imagine you to be on the quiet and reserved side but I think it is only because my girl is quiet and reserved and you two are such good mates.