Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's Better To Give... Right?

I've written about my hairdresser before.
I think she feels that she has to make conversation with her clients and she feels the best way to identify with them, is to agree with everything they say. I've caught her out by accident a few times - where she thinks I'm saying one thing and agrees with me but when I correct her and say I actually meant "blah blah blah" she changes her tune and agrees with me again. It's cute.
I know she means well and I don't envy her having to make small talk with everyone that comes in.

The last time I was there however, she seemed a little stressed. I can't even remember what brought it on but all of a sudden she was telling me in her "oh so nice" way, that her family were driving her bonkers!
Her kids took her for granted, her husband didn't realise all she did and took her for granted and she said
"I got so angry that I told them I was going to run away and they can see for themselves how much I really do do around here!"

That statement brought back a little memory…. When I was about nine or ten, I heard my own mother say that more than once! Being the ungrateful child I was (and as most children are) I thought she should just wear it because she's a mum, and that’s what mums do… crap…
At the time, my mother had a traditional Italian husband and three children under nine. It couldn't have been a picnic for her!

But thinking about it some more, I realised that I too have spoken those words and that made me smile.
Could it be that all mums feel this way from time to time and we all just pretend that everything is fine 100% of the time? Maybe my frustration isn't because my family is ungrateful, but it's just another normal stage in family life.

I grew up to value what my mother contributed to the family, and do likewise, no matter if it's not acknowledged… even if from time to time I go crazy and let out my frustrations for the lack of appreciation.

Bottom line is, I feel lucky that I have a family to contribute too, and in time, they too will see what I have done and hopefully they'll do the same for their families.
It's the cycle of life!

But even so, give your mum a kiss and hug today and tell her you love her and appreciate all the things she does for you…

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Evil Pixie said...

I agree, Margot. I'd be NO WHERE with my mum. I don't always remember to thank her, but she doesn't always expect me to thank her either. The way she looks at it, she is mum. Mums are suppose to do these things. But, when I remember, I give thanks by doing little things for her like buy a book by her favorite author, getting her her favorite drink when we're out and about, or just saying thanks. Only problem with the saying thanks part, it is typically followed with her arching her eyebrow and asking "What do you want?" in a suspicious tone. Hahaha!