Thursday, July 15, 2010

A new old obsession

Hubby and I are going through a bit of a 24 craze at the moment.
We came in late with the show.
We started at about series 5 and watched each subsequent one until the final series just this year.

To satisfy the 24 need, we went out and sought the first few series are are now halfway through series two, after watching series one in a couple of days.

Obsessed? Well, it sure passes away a cold, wintery day nicely!

Speaking of 24 and Jack Bauer, I came across a pretty funny you tube clip this week.

And don't think I haven't thought about what I'm going to do when we've watched every show! What will I do without my 24?

Come back Jack Bauer, the world still needs you! (dammit)
If you make the show, I'll wach it! I give you my word!

Have you ever noticed that about the show? "dammit" is said so many times and Jack continues to say "I give you my word". Wow! His word! If only I'd get the same belief in my statements when I pledged "my word".
"Yes I'll pay that bill by next week, I give you my word!"

And how can so many double agents infiltrate CTU? Aren't they a highly secure area? Yet somehow all these double agents make it through with back ground checks that can hardly be thorough!!

But we don't watch the show for it's realism...

And now I'm just waiting for that man of mine to get home so we can watch a few more episodes!!

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Evil Pixie said...

That's a show I never managed to get into. I'm not sure if it is because everything I look at Keifer Sutherland I think of the "Lost Boys" instead of superspy or if it is just a genre I'm not into.