Friday, July 30, 2010

A New Temporary Favourite

I think I've found a new store to love and believe it or not, it's not related to food!

My new favourite store of the moment is "The Sports Boutique"

It's not that I've just noticed it... oh I've seen it was there! I walked past it a million times... even ventured in... and quickly out a few times!
Why was I so reluctant to go in? Because I felt like I didn't belong!

This is the ultimate store for women runners. It's a little intimidating because the women who run the store look phenomenal. Not in a model way, but in a sports/athletic way.
THEY look like real runners!!!

In comes dumpy, frumpy me and they probably write me off as someone who's buying for a runner... or someone who has just started out...

But today I went in there and joy of all joy's they had a water belt on sale that is almost too perfect!!It consists of three little bottles and a pouch for a few goodies. The belt itself is elastic and much better than the other bulky water belt I bought from the internet a month ago.

The only down side is that my ipod touch doesn't fit into the pouch... but I'd rather run without that than without knowing I have an adequate water supply for the marathon!!
The whole time the sales assistant was talking to me about it, I was making myself NOT bring up the fact that I was running in the Adelaide Marathon in a few weeks time. I bet they are too!!

In any case, even if they are they'd never recognise me on the day, with my hair back and no make up now I have a water belt that I can actually feel confident with!

I can't wait to try it out this weekend!

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