Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So Much For The "Perfect" Water Belt

I have to take back everything I said about that damn water belt.

It was my own fault. I ran with it on Saturday and for some stupidly insane reason, tied it around my waist, directly on my skin. Tights below, sports bra on top, but nothing round my middle...

And sure, I felt a "scrape, scrape" as I ran so I tried to adjust it.

Now let me just explain, this belt is filled with Velcro straps. Velcro to do it up, and Velcro for the three water bottles it holds.
After a couple of kms, I couldn't really feel it anymore so I thought I'd adjusted it right.

When I got off and had a look, I was stunned. I was completely red raw. I had a shower, yelping every time the water hit my sore spots!!
A few days later I'm less traumatized by it but I still look like I have some strange kind of pox around my middle and I'm so glad I wasn't wearing any clothing as that belt would have completely ruined my good running clothes!!

I won't be using a running belt for the marathon.

I've decided,
I'm resolute,
I will just hold my own water bottle in my hand for 4 hours... and if I need more, Deno will be around on his bike somewhere to help me out.

And I'm happy with that decision anyhow because I couldn't get used to the weight of the water around my middle....

And now... I just have to do it.

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Evil Pixie said...

What about those water bottles that look like weights? That way, you could hold one in each hand and it won't throw off your run.