Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's Almost Over

It's almost over. In 60 hours or so I'll be running in my first (and perhaps only) marathon.

I can't believe how worked up I've gotten myself over this. It's just a run.

This morning as I was leaving for work I said to Miss 15 "Three more days!" and she replied "Yeeeaaah, I can't wait".

The reason she said that is that she, and the rest of the family, have been suffering as much as I have! They've had to endure hours and hours of marathon talk.

And besides that, it probably isn't nice to hear "thump thump thump" coming from upstairs as your mum goes thru her training. One hour and 18 minutes of thumping each day would be more than most people could bear yet my family stay silent knowing that this obsession too shall pass....

And in writing that, I really hope it doesn't pass. I mean I'd love to compete in the Gold Coast Marathon next year... that is, if I don't frazzle myself completely with this one...

There are so many things I'm worried about I won't go through them again here. Why good would voicing them do?

Instead I'll leave my next post to be a race report. (oh yes, the family are already dreading that!!! )

I already toyed with the notion of speaking into my mobile phone to record what I was feeling at each stage of the race but come race day, the only thing I'll want to do is finish I'm sure!

So... until my next words are read on this page, I'll lay my typing fingers to rest.... and add that I can't wait to read them myself!

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Evil Pixie said...

Wow! I cannot believe the time is so close! Part of you is probably thinking the time has flown, while the other part is probably thinking it isn't flying fast enough. Oh, well... Before you know it, you'll be crossing that finish line and celebrating your successful completion of the marathon.