Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Did It....

So, where do I start?

I guess at the finish. I completed the marathon in 4 hours and 18 minutes. At least, that's the time my Garmin gave me. Have to wait for official results but that's about it.

The weather was against us but by race day I was resigned to it and it didn't phase me before the race although I'm sure it affect my time along with everyone else.

It was tough to say the least...

And the westerly drove the water from the ocean up onto the path for that part of the course. It was brutal!

Sure was an experience for my first marathon and everyone says it will make my 2nd a piece of cake. I hope so because I can't tell you I didn't want to quit.
I had hip problems, cramps and a goddam stitch that wouldn't quit.
I hit the wall at 34kms and started walking... I ran again after about 500mtrs but walked a few more times after that. All in all, I don't think I walked more than a km but my time was so bad.
Based on my 30 and 32km run, I was hoping to get around 4 hours so I was really really disappointed with my time and disappointed that I stopped to walk.

My husband followed me on his bike the whole way and another friend joined him for the last 10kms or so. I'm not sure if that was a help or hindrance as I think I got a bit sooky when there were others to hear of my plight...

And I don't work well with encouragement!! the more they told me I was doing great, the more I wanted to put less effort in (well if I'm doing great, I've got room to slow down right?)

Anyhow, it was an experience.

I was so excited this morning. When the alarm went off I jumped out of bed and said "it's time" which kind of reminded me of a woman who feels the first stirs of labour during sleep and wakes her husband with the same words...

But with everything considered, I still can say I have run a marathon and regardless of how bad I thought I did, I have that achievement and I've left myself a lot of room for improvement for the next one!!!

Photos will be on facebook as I find it too hard to post them here...

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Evil Pixie said...

Woot! Woot! I saw the medal... Awesome! That is such a major accomplishment!