Friday, September 11, 2009

Because I work in a call centre...

Here is the latest collection of silly things that we call centre staff, or our lovely customers have said...

A customer called in and said "Yeah I'd like to register for… umm… I've got one of those recession cards. Do you get anything off with a recession card?" Actually I think there are a couple of whole countries that are holding one of those cards at the moment!!

But to show that it's not all about the "silly" customer all the time, here are some of the things that we operators have said...

One of my colleagues once spoke to a customer who identified themself as Zachary.
Brimming with confidence and personality, my colleague who is NOT called Zachary said
"Hi Zachary, this is Zachary, how can I help you?"

Another colleague named Max once answered the phone saying
"Good morning, Welcome to Max, how can I help you?"
Instead of saying our company name.I kinda like that one.
Welcome to Margot. My world. My rules.

Yet another colleague was once overheard answering a call saying
"Good Morning, this is Joe. How can I help you tonight?"
Tonight? Was Joe taking the customer on a date? hehe

Yet another call was answered
"Good morning, this is Sally. How can I help you with MY utility account?"
Well heck we get utility accounts too that we have to pay don’t we?

At the end of the call we're supposed to say "Thanks for calling" but some variations said by my colleagues are
"Thanks for your day"
And even,"Thanks for calling, have a good gay"
Don't know if I should mention that the person who said that last statement is actually gay... make of that what you will! *wink*

Another closing statement heard was "Thanks for coming" instead of "Thanks for calling"
Ok, so I'll admit that one came from me, and the stranger thing was, the customer didn't say anything! Perhaps they didn't hear.

Oh and Jesus called into the call centre today. I was a bit miffed that the operator who got him didn’t ask those tricky questions like, is he really the son of god?, and how did he manage to get out of that tomb? And what was his real relationship with Mary Magdalene?

Isn’t it wonderful that this constant stream of customer and operator stories never stop!

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