Saturday, September 26, 2009

Customer Stories Again...

Isn't it obvious that to get a concession discount, you'd need to have a concession card?
Why do people call in and ask if they can have concession on their card, without actually owning a concession card? what do they think they're going to get?
Do they think there's some general public concession that everyone gets? Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of the term 'concession' if everyone was getting it???
If there were a concession for stupidity I'm sure lots of them would qualify!!!
(Oh, bad Margot!)

Speaking of stupid, I once went through an entire call, calling the customer I had on the phone by the previous occupants name.
Funny that the customer didn't say anything.
Guess I qualified for the stupid concession that day!!


Oh dear... A customer called because she paid her account twice.
I assured her we'd received her payments and that her credit would come off the next bill
"So you have my payments" she asked with a worried voice, thinking perhaps that we were going to pocket the extra she'd paid.
"yes" I assured her.
"Both of them??" she asked again.
"Yes" I replied, trying very hard not to sound exasperated.
"But why did I do that???" She then asked me.
Yes, you read that right, SHE asked ME why SHE'D paid her account twice.
I bet you can imagine any number of inappropriate responses and I thought of quite a number of them immediately!!
Instead I tamely said "I don't know" and assured her once again that the credit would come off of her next bill...


Today a customer called because she had received a disconnection notice after she'd paid the account.
She paid it a month after the due date by the way.
The notice she received, was sent the same day she made the payment so it was just a matter of bad timing.
I explained it as nicely as I could and told her to ignore the notice because yes, we had now received her payment.
The customer was silent for a moment then hmphed and said "hmmm and because of this, you may also lose me as a customer!!!" and promptly hung up on me before I could say another world.

Now in what world is a person who pays an account a month after the due date, justified in getting incensed over a notice received a day after they'd made the payment?
If she'd simply notified that she'd be paying late, we wouldn't have had to send the notice!

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