Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Customer Stories...

I'm in absolute shock
Even though I get these calls from time to time it still never fails to surprise me!

A customer called in today complaining that we were holding his credit.
I looked at his account and saw he was on a payment plan of $70 a month.
"Well" he began indignantly, "I've been paying $71 a month!!!"
I looked and saw that was the amount of his previous plan so I explained that to him and told him the revised amount was now $70.
"Well what happens to the extra money I've paid? When will you give that back?"
Look, I swear to you I'm not making this up. He'd paid three lots of $71 instead of $70, so he wanted his $3 back.
I advised him that his account is in debt anyhow, so the extra $3 has just gone off his current debt. We haven't kept it, it's gone to what he currently owes.

He didn't believe me. He thought I was trying to pull one over him so he said he would go through all his statements and if it's not sorted to his liking, he'll be calling back.

Someone has to give that a guy a hobby!!!


When you call through to our call centre, there are a few options depending on what fuel or utility you're calling about. When I answer the phone, I always specifiy the fuel or utility I can help them with to confirm they've pushed the right buttons to come through to the right area.

At least a few times a day I get someone saying, "oh you're joking" when I tell them they've come through to a different fuel than what they were expecting. I can't help them.
The poor deluded customer is actually angry with ME that I can't help them!
Wasn't it their fumbly, fat fingers that pressed the incorrect buttons in the first place causing them to come through to me?
I just don't understand!!


I spoke to another customer today whose first name was "Princess". I resisted asking her if Michael Jackson was her father.
Normally, to be more personable with customers, I try to use their first name when speaking with them but I just couldn't bring myself to call her princess!!


Going on a different tangent, a customer culled today who just wanted an extension of time to pay. I asked her what her date of birth was (to confirm it was the customer as required by the privacy law) and got a little freaked out when she was only three years older than Sarah. Wow... did that make me feel old!!


Can somebody tell me why customers call us wanting to update their concession details or to set up a direct debit for their account but then when asked for their concession number or bank details, they have no clue where to find the documents??

If you were wanting to set up a direct debit, wouldn't you have you bank account details handy?

Do they think we can just ask the magical genie and know their numbers without them providing it for us? Or do they want me just to guess? This happens more than you can imagine!

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