Friday, September 4, 2009

Customer Stories cos you know you love em!

Today I answered the phone and was just about to go into the opening spiel when I heard a woman SCREAM what I thought was my name!

This freaked me out a bit because how the hell would she know what my name was before I'd given it???

Then she says calmly, "I'm sorry, did you hear me screaming just now?"

And I refrained from saying "yes master, what would you have me do"

Instead I said "yes, in fact I thought you said my name"

She laughed and said she had just been yelling at her dog who is called "milo" (Kinda sounds like Margot right?)

Phew, the world is still a rational place.

Actually I take that comment about rationality back. I had a man contact me today to tell me we were over charging him because his last account ws $80 and this one was $89.

Now honestly, what chance could I possibly have with someone like that???

As I started to explain it's Winter and you use more etc etc he cut me off with "oh you've got all your ready made answers haven't you but you're just ripping me off!"

Sometimes I'm just lost for words.

A guy was cut off for non payment of account. We had been in contact with him last month and he had promised to get in touch by the end of August to let us know when he was paying. We didn't hear from him so he was disconnected.

He called in today FURIOUS!!! how dare we disconnect him!! he's got four kids!

How can someone be so indignant about being disconnected when they haven't paid? And yes I certainly feel sorry for the kids but all the more reason for him to pull his thumb out and contact us when he was supposed to!

Now tell me, if you had to ring your utility company, would you want to get someone like me on the other end?

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Evil Pixie said...

I agree with you regarding the guy with the four kids. He only had to make the phone call at the end of the month. Sure, times are tough and even the most responsible of us can run into problems, but those of us who are responsible and are genuinely looking work it out would make the phone call. He's a total ass.