Thursday, August 27, 2009

A few customer stories...

A customer called in today telling us he was going to pay on the Webber…
"You're going to pay on the what?" I asked.
"Webber. I'm going to pay my account using the Webber"

You can imagine at this stage, I'm picturing a man bbq'ing his bill on his Webber bbq. He didn't sound like he was trying to be sarcastic with me so again I said
"You're going to pay on your Webber?"
he repeated… and then clarified, "I'm going to pay using bpay on the Webber"
"Oh, using the web, the internet?"
"Yes, yes!" he exclaimed, obviously happy to have been understood….

Then I had another lady who had a high bill enquiry. She couldn't believe she could have used that much. She asked if her account had been estimated.
"No," I said, "Your meter was read."
"Not estimated?"
She asked again.

I wanted to say, "Most people know that saying that your meter is read means that it wasn't estimated!!!" but instead I said "No it wasn't estimated. In fact, having a look at your reading history, it hasn't ever been estimated. We always take an actual reading at your property."
And the woman says to me "Are you sure?"

At that point I wanted to say "no, actually I think you're right! *smacking forehead* it's been estimated!! How did you know! You're so brilliant!! And to think, me with all the meter and account information here in front of me, couldn't know that it had been estimated! Honestly, you're brilliant. Would you like a job here so we lowly call staff can be taught the right way to do it?"
But I said "yes I'm sure. It's an actual reading"

And then there are the strange class of people who want to tell me they never shower and only cook in the microwave, so how could they have an account this high??
I'd love to say that maybe it's the "stinkyman" surcharge kicking in.

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