Monday, August 3, 2009

So Close...

I've been working on the lyric sheet for "I Like That" for the last week or so.
It was important to me to have this with the CD so whoever is listening to it, can know what the songs are about.

I find the lyrics are the last thing I pay attention to usually but not everyone is like me...
Like I mentioned in my last blog entry, there is a demo of the songs that are going to be on "I Like That" on the right hand side of this page under "My MP3's"
15 songs in total.

So right now, I'm looking for the best option for printing the lyric booklet off but more or less, the design is set and done.

This is going to be the album cover.
Can't believe it's almost done!

I was going to sell through but I wasn't given enough options for cover design so I think I'll just sell it myself from home to whoever wants it.
Can't believe it's just about done.
What am I going to fill my days with now??


Randyman said...

I would like a copy of the cd. I want it autographed as well. Thank you very much.

Dougie said...

We heard the CD on the way to the airport Margot. You did a fantastic job. My girl is quite proud of you.