Monday, August 24, 2009

Did you believe that?

I wonder how many people were told things as a child, that they might not have really believed, but weren't game enough to put it to the test just in case...

What am I talking about?
Well, how many of you were told that if you ate bread crusts, your hair would grow curly?
I have curly hair and anyone that knows me knows that the crust of the bread is my favourite part however the only reason I have curly hair is genetics!!!

What about the saying that if you make a face when the wind blows, your face would stay like that? Wow was I ever scared of that one!! I think I was well into my teens before I would chance that one...

Who of you were too scared to step on a crack?

And wasn't it nice thinking there really was a tooth fairy? I so much wanted to believe that a magical, pretty little fairy came into my room while I was sleeping, took my old tooth and left a shiny little coin in it's place....

And the fairies resided at the bottom of the garden of course... along with the pixies and those nasty trolls.

Was there anyone else that really really wanted their parents to drive them to the end of the rainbow just in case there really was a pot of gold there? That elusive end of the rainbow... somehow we never quite made it... or did someone else just beat us to it and took the gold before we got there?

We were never really told about the monstors under the bed or in the cupboard but we all knew they were there and somehow only came alive when the lights went out.

Where do these sayings and thoughts come from?

Do you have any of your own to add to my little list?

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