Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Can we ban xmas please?

I feel really evil just thinking about writing this but I think I'm beginning to really hate xmas!
It's the commercialism and greed that I'm completely against because if we're honest with ourselves, that's really what xmas has become.

I hadn't put up a tree last year and was ribbed about it a bit so this year I asked the kids if they wanted to put a tree up. I thought it might be something nice that we could all do together. They were giving me half hearted yes answers until they realised that I meant for ALL of us to do it together. They then thought it better to just give it a miss.
There was no argument from me!

And then there's the crowds!

I can't go to my shopping mall because it's too stressful to try to find a car park... and if I do manage to find one, I have to fight through the crowds. Many people line the mall's aisle ways loaded with shopping bags. Can they buy enough 'stuff'?
Do we really need so much stuff??? What are we doing with it all??

I hear it said "oh it's for the kids. " Is it really? Do the kids know the value of the xmas presents you're giving them? Or are the gifts really for you? So the kids know how cool Auntie X is? Auntie X gives better presents than anyone else! And what are we teaching these kids? We're not teaching them how good it is to give!!! We're teaching them how good it is to GET!!! And not only that, but that they SHOULD GET!!! It's their right as cute little kids (and holders of our DNA) to GET! At the cost of everyone else!
How many families do you know where they "just buy for the kids"?

It's like we get caught up in this frenzy of "how much money can I spend" all the while complaining how much xmas is costing us.

I walk into the mall and I swear I can hear "buy now, NOW. You're running out of time!! XMAS is almost here!!!"

And forget about any religious meaning! Sure, people can sprout off a few words about the religious aspect of xmas but we all know, it's really about presents and time off work!

How did we turn something so pure and good, into something so stressful and costly?

What do I like about xmas? I like being with my family. That part can't be replaced. I like taking time to appreciate and value the people who mean the most to me in the world.

So for the next three weeks I'm going to shut my eyes and stick my fingers in my ear and pretend nothing out of the ordinary is happening at all!!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree!!!!


Evil Pixie said...

I'm right there with you. I wanted just a quiet, simple Christmas. No presents, but a nice dinner with the immediate family. I'm amazed at how much of a struggle it has been to follow this plan for some people.